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About Us

Welcome to CELERIS Riding Boots, the Fashion House for luxury Made to Measure Riding Boot’s and Accessories for the Professional, Amature or 
Leisure Equestrian. We can help you design your truly Bespoke Boot, for Dressage or Jumping made especially for you! You can choose from a endless
selection of Leather Colours (around 90), Style Details and Boot Models to create your perfect Boot for the Competition or Training Arena.

The CELERIS Brand has developed a Cult following by Riders around the World who love the supreme quality, fit, style and performance. CELERIS Riding
Boots are Made To Measure Handcrafted Riding Boots using traditional skills and craftsmanship in Northern Portugal. Using the finest Leathers with
endless customisation. Each boot is meticulously tailored to the individual with 24 measurements to fit each foot and
leg precisely to create your very own Super Boot!

The CELERIS Signature was honoured after the “Swift Son of the White Winged Horse Pegasus”, founded in ancient Greek Mythology. The First hard  decision your going to make in your purchase of CELERIS Riding Boots is which ONE….with so many colours, styles and details, in fact the choice is endless
and anything is possible…you just need to ask.

The second hardest decision is what outfit should I wear with them today – your Breeches or your Skinny Jeans, these Boots will take you from the
Stable to the Street. Finally the Third hardest decision is what will your next pair be, trust us you will be back wanting
 another pair…. thats how good these Boots are!!!

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Celeris Riding Boots
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