We are currently looking at 12 – 18 weeks on average. However the Soft boots can be much quicker due to them having a shorter production time, than the Fully Reinforced Models. Many boots are arriving earlier than the timeframe projected, however we would rather overestimate, than underestimate! Every boot is handmade and different so sadly we can’t speed up this process, they are worth every second of the wait for your very own one of a kind unique Boots.

Celeris Boots are Handcrafted in the Traditional way, and for this reason the production is slower than many other Boot Brands, due to the time and craftsmanship put into making your Boots uniquely just for you!! Celeris is truly a Bespoke Company operated by Master Craftsman. For these reasons they are worth waiting a few weeks longer for your BEAUTIFUL Boots.

You will be given a estimated Timeframe upon ordering your Boots, however this is not a guarantee. We wiil do our best to make sure your Boots arrive in the correct timeframes however sometimes delays may occur in production…such as a leather being not easily available upon time of ordering, and certain Boot Models can take more time ect. We keep in contact with Celeris weekly regarding production times for Clients boots.

This happens very rarely, however in the event that it does, our philosophy is to offer the Client 100% “Boot Love” guarantee. The Boots are Handmade so it is possible to make a mistake, however it is generally small enough to rectify due to the intricacies of the 24 measurements taken, and we can solve the issues in most cases with some fine tuning. However should the issue be more than this, then we promise to resolve the problem as quickly and easily as possible, in the form of a refund or remaking the Boots. Our “Boot Love” guarantee is only availablewithin 14 days of receiving the Boots, providing they are returned  “as new”,and have not been Ridden In. 

Our Celeris Tall boots are completely made to measure, so we don’t stock off the shelf Tall Boots.

We do occasionally have Demo Boots for sale, which have been worn in Photo Shoots by Models ect. We will sometimes have the Demo ones available in our online store or on Social Media.

There are around 90 different colours and styles of leathers, and most of these are on the Website. Some of these leathers may change due to Seasonal availability, and new ones will be sourced generally twice a year when the new collections come in. For this reason it is also a good idea to follow our Social Media pages and keep up to date with the latest news!!!

The colour in a photo will be close, but not always identical due to lighting and the way the Leather photographs. Also the Leather can vary slightly in Colour due to the differences in the grains and hides, especially the Tan leathers. However this really adds to the uniqueness of your bespoke handmade boot.

All Leather Samples and Boot Models in various coloured Leathers are available in our Boutique should you be local to us, or when we travel to do Trade and Horse Shows. You can check our Events and Book A Fitting Page on the Website and Social Media to see when we may be in your area.

We can possibly source the Leather or one as close to it, if it’s available and of a good enough quality. Celeris are very selective about the quality of the Leathers they work with. Just email us to enquire.

You can Book A Fitting at our Boutique. Also check out our Social Media and Book A Fitting Page on the Website for Fittings at Trade and Horse Shows near you.
Alternatively if you do not live near us, you can use the Measuring Information, Video and Guides and Order Online.

By following our Measurement Video, and Step by Step Instructions you can fill in the measurement forms and details, which we will then receive and cross check for accuracy.

You will need a Measuring Tape, your normal breeches/socks and a Riding Buddy to do the Measuring.

The Video and Information provided make the procedure easy to follow, however if you are unsure or not confident to do it on your own, we are only more than happy to assist you via Facetime, just email us and let us know.

You can email us at info@celerisridingboots.com or Book A fitting on our Booking Page on the Website, message us on our Social Media Platforms, Facebook and Instagram.

that you wear your normal Breeches and socks, bearing in mind if your Winter ones are heavier than Summer. You need to then decide what weight of Breech/Sock you would wear the most, as this can alter the measurements.
It will take around 1/2 Hour to 45 mins to complete the Measuring and decide on Model, Style, Colour and any Customisations you might like for your Beautiful Boots.

We use either Local Postal Service’s or DHL.

In most cases, yes the Boots do fit.
Upon first putting your New Boots on it’s a good idea to wear a Knee High Stocking and a thinner pair of breeches the first few times till they give a little. Get someone else to help get you in and Zip you up if you are unable to come into the Boutique to have your Boots fiitted. This just makes it easier to get the Zip done up for the first time due to you twisting around and trying to get the Boot done up yourself which alters how it sit’s on your calf.

For all Front Zip Models, slip your foot into the Boot and then lift your leg up slightly and zip up in this position it takes the pressure off the calf.

Initially your Boots will require a “Breaking In” period, and so to begin with they will feel tight, particularly the Fully Reinforced Dressage Boots. We recommend walking around the house a bit in them initially just to get them bending and flexing a bit, and then just get on the Horse and Ride in them, this is the quickest way to get them feeling less like ski boots!!!!
The more you Ride the quicker the “Breaking In” period. Bare in mind also that some Leathers vary in the time it takes for the Leather to give, some are more stiff than others, even with the Softer Models of Boots.

If you ordered the Boots Online from photos of Swatch Colours, sometimes the light in the Photo does not 100% reflect the correct colour. However in saying this the difference is generally minor.
Sometimes the Leather can vary in Colour due to differences in the Hide and Markings on the Beast, and the Light Tan can particularly vary. However this really makes the Boot just that bit more unique, and in time with the right care they will develop their own individual colouring.

Celeris Boots do not Drop that much, particularly the Fully Reinforced Models. The Soft Leather Boots may drop a bit more due to the pliancy of the Leather.

Any sort of initial problem upon receiving the Boots has to be handled in the first 14 days. After that we will guarantee the Celeris Boots for the first 90 days where there is a genuine fault with the manufacturing of the Boots. This is not a common occurance, but we will rectify the problem or replace the Boots should this be necassary.

* It should be noted that where negligence or poor maintenance or missuse of the Boots is evident no warranty will be honoured.

Generally speaking Zips are never a problem unless they are mishandled or not looked after. As already mentioned above when first getting into your New Boots, and for the first week or so, get someone else to assist with getting into them and Zipping you up. Make sure to be careful whilst the Boot is moulding to your leg shape during this period.
Never use tools such as pliers to pull the Zip or force it.

It is important to care for the Zip area, by brushing and wiping the zip area free from sand after use or before zipping up, especially in Rear entry Boots that also get Sweat and Salt from the Horse in this area. Use leather conditioner on your Boots to help keep the Leather supple and clean so the Boot is easier to do up.
Lastly always make sure the Zip is all the way undone before putting your foot into the Boot.
Should you have a problem with the Zip, as long as it’s in the Warranty timeframe and has not been missued we will replace the Zip.

Looking after your Boots is pretty much the same as the rest of your Leather Horse Goods. If you want your Boots to Last they require maintenance.
Wipe them over with a damp cloth to remove Dirt, Sweat and Grime, and let them dry, then use the Leather Conditioner sparingly and buff to shine.
Once a week leave the Leather Conditioner overnight to nourish the Leather.

We recommend a Spray for Polished and Patent Boots, and a Nubuck and Suede Cleaner Protectant for these leather Styles. Most Leather Shoe and Handbag specialists should carry these products. Read instructions carefully and make sure they are animal/horse friendly.

If you look after your Boots then they will maintain there colour successfully, however some colours do fade in time. Using the Coloured Leather Conditioners available on the Website will help prevent this, and store your Boots away fro direct Sunlight.

We have a Local Boot Repair Service that we use, and if you are not in travelling distance to us, email us info@celerisridingboots.com and we may be able to recommend someone Local to you.

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