Deck Shoes


The Celeris Deck shoes are a great Leather Slip On with Laces to wear with your Breeches after removing your beautiful Celeris top boots, after finishing riding. Or alternatively a great everyday shoe to wear with your skinnies.

You can choose any of the Matt Leather Colours or Leather Styles, just not Patent Leathers. It is also possible to use a leather contrast for the Lace section different to the Foot section.

These little Babies will literally take you from the Barn to the Street, or if you sail out Yachting.

The Celeris Deck Shoes are handcrafted in Portugal and have a minimum of 12+ weeks delivery time.


33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 EURO SIZING


* Box Calf Hand Stitched  *Comfortable Plantar Leather Cushioned Insole *Rubber Outer Sole with invisible Stitching * Square Leather Laces * Hand stitched

Care and Maintenance:

1. Start by cleaning your shoes with a soft brush to remove dirt and dust.
2. Clean them with a damp cloth and and glycerin soap to remove traces.
3. Apply Celeris wax all over your shoes, ideally using a cloth or a soft brush. In order to make the wax penetrate, do it in circular movements.
4. Leave your shoes to dry overnight.
5. In the morning brush your shoes energetically with a soft brush.
6. Finish by polishing with a dry cloth until they shine.

Deck Shoes