The Celeris Boot Cleaning Conditioner is especially formulated by Celeris so that it softens, cleans and buff’s your Top Boots keeping them in prime and shiny condition.

To get longevity out of your Celeris Boots it is a good idea to leave the Conditioner in once a week overnight then buff and polish the next day.

Use product sparingly.

There are Four Colours to choose from being, Black, Brown, Neutral and Navy.


Care and Maintenance:

1. Start by cleaning your boots with a soft brush to remove dirt and dust.

2. Clean them with a damp cloth and and glycerin soap to remove traces.

3. Apply Celeris wax all over your boots, ideally using a cloth or a soft brush. In order to make the wax penetrate, do it in circular movements.

4. Leave your boots to dry overnight.

5. In the morning brush your boots energetically with a soft brush.

6. Finish by polishing with a dry cloth until they shine.



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